Parents use drone for overhead look at playroom destruction

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – Parents took to the air to survey the damage after their three-year-old spent 30 minutes in his playroom by himself.

It happened Wednesday night in southern Vigo County.

Three-year-old Alex Essex’s mom, Ami, told FTN the child took to his playroom for nearly a half an hour and played by himself.

“I knew he was okay. If he needs you for something…trust me…you’ll know,” Ami said.

Ami admits she was concerned about the mess leaving Alex along could lead to.

“So Chris got home from work…and we decided to walk back there. We couldn’t get very far into the room,” Ami said.

That is Chris said he launched his drone for an aerial view.

“We had crashed trains, a hidden sippy cup…drawers pulled out, a bath towel…somehow,” Chris said. “The corner with the towel, I had no idea what happened there.”

Chris said he noticed Alex sitting in his stained reading chair with a part of a brownie on his face.

“It was total mayhem…but hey, you are only little once,” Chris told us.

Parents say they were able to get the playroom around 60 percent cleaned up before they gave up, admitting he would just do the same thing when he woke up.

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