‘This was his one and only bucket list item…’ Three-year-old receives up close look at water tower

MEROM, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County three-year-old fulfilled a life-long dream of seeing a water tower up close.

The dream came true for three-year-old Alex Essex In Merom, Indiana on Tuesday.

While exploring the town’s park, Alex noticed the water tower nearby and asked if he could go look at it.

As long as Alex could talk, he has pointed out different water tower’s as he saw them.

“I seen the water tower back there,” Alex told us. “The water tower go so high in the sky.”


Parents say the water tower was protected by a fence, but that didn’t stop Alex from standing there for about 15 minutes looking up at it.

“He loved it. We kept doing laps around the fence. He wanted to see it from different sides,” Alex’s mom, Ami said. “I’m pretty sure this was his main goal in life. His one and only bucket list item.”

Both Chris and Ami said they were happy to let Alex play around the water tower for as long as he wanted after the family tackled over 100 stairs on the way back up the bluff.

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