Dad’s staycation goal is pretty much just catching up on laundry

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County dad says he plans to be ambitious while he is taking a stay at home vacation, or ‘staycation’ this coming week.

36-year-old Chris Essex says his wife has to work, so nothing major is planned for his week off.

“A lot of trips to the park…maybe some hiking with Alex and Ami” Chris said.

While we were talking with Chris, he told us about the differences between staycation with a kid versus staycation with no kid.

“You create goals for staycations right? At least I do. Pre kid goals would be something like play through a 40 hour PlayStation game, try a different local coffee shop each day, maybe spring clean and get rid of that closest full of junk,” Chris said.

He went on to tell his is post kid staycation goals are quite different.

“My main goal this goal? Catch up on laundry….with bonus points for cleaning the comforter on our bed,” Chris said. “Maybe I will get them all put away, but I really….really doubt that.”

He told us another goal is have a 50 percent success rate with keeping Alex’s hand out of the potty when he pees.

Chris says with a three-year-old, the plan to catch up on laundry might be a bit ambitious…but with hard work, he thinks it should be obtainable.

The family reportedly is planning a bigger vacation for early next year.

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