POLL: Fake Toddler News is considering a name change, let us know what you think

59D53A72-E29D-4175-989B-869B83C134C7TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – The head of FakeToddlerNews.com says he is considering a name change for the not very popular brand of toddler news.

This comes after company president, Chris Essex, read an article that said kids stop being toddlers at 36 months.

“So, Alex is a preschooler…I thought I had until he was four. Who knew? Well, I guess everybody knew. I wasn’t paying attention,” Essex said.

Fake Toddler News is a news site based on the over the top experiences of the Essex family’s three-year-old son Alex.


Essex told us he knew a name change was inevitable.

“Look, brands evolve. Change is never easy…I have to see if I can change the WordPress URL…the Facebook crap. I will have to Photoshop a new logo together. It could take over 30 minutes. But change is necessary,” Essex told us.

He said even though the name will change…you can still expect the same tired parent, mediocre content you’ve come to expect from FTN.

“Nothing will change, except the name. Alex will still be the star of the show,” Essex assured us.

What do you think the name should be? Vote in our poll or comment below with your own idea!

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