Dad outsmarted while trying to build cheap restaurant toy

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County dad threw his hands in the air and gave up after trying to build a ‘Kidz Bop’ stage that came with his toddler’s Subway kid’s meal.

It happened on Wednesday evening.

Three-year-old Alex Essex and his mom, Ami, stopped by Subway to grab some food after shopping.

Alex’s dad, Chris, stopped by the restaurant while on his way home from work.

“So Alex got the kid’s meal thing. It came with this Kidz Bop cardboard stage you had to build. Really flimsy and cheap,” Chris said.

It came on one piece of cardboard, with perforated areas to punch sections out and build the stage, using notches.

“Ami took Alex to the bathroom…so I was like, yeah, I’ll build it and surprise him with it when he gets out,” Chris told us.

That is when he admitted he was too stupid to figure out the included instructions.

“So the directions…they were not in color…and really confusing. Alex came back out…I made no steps on building it. I kept trying until we were ready to leave” Chris said.

Ami said it was actually Alex’s idea to throw the toy in the trash…putting his dad out of his misery.

“He took it to the trash for Chris. I think we could both see the look of defeat on his face. Poor guy,” Ami said.

In the end, Chris said he made a little bit of progress…but he thanked his toddler for the help.

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