Supermarket Street Sweep? Toddler pushes toy shopping cart for one mile walk

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County toddler demanded his toy shopping cart as his family went for a walk.

Earlier this week, parents Chris and Ami Essex took their three-year-old Alex for a walk around their neighborhood.

As the family walked out the door, Alex requested that his toy shopping cart come with.

“I was not about it,” Chris said. “I was pretty sure Ami or I would have been carrying it.”

When Alex got the cart outside, he started not only pushing it…but collecting sticks, rocks, and leafs.

His parents say the toddler had a motive for the collection.

“He wanted to throw them all in the lake. Once he had a full cart, he wanted to go to the lake. Once we got there, he one by one threw them in,” Ami said.

The parents say, for the most part, Alex excitedly pushed the cart for the one mile walk.

“I was surprised. There was a few times, while we went through grass, where he needed some help…totally understandable,” Chris said.

Both parents say the shopping cart was a welcome addition to the walk.

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