Parents claim to buy wooden toy tracks for toddler, but a new investigation shows otherwise

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of Vigo County parents have recently expanded their three-year-old’s wooden train track set, claiming the purchase was for the child.

Earlier this week, 30-year-old Ami Essex picked up a set of wooden connectable train tracks for her three-year-old son, Alex.

On Friday night, Chris, Alex’s dad, picked up a train table and even more wooden tracks.

Alex has loved building on wooden tracks similar to these, but this purchase expanded his collection.

A FTN investigation alleges the parents have spent more time with the toy tracks than the toddler, and even goes as far as to allege the purchase of the tracks was for their entertainment.

Both Chris and Ami, in a written statement to FTN say they purchase of the tracks was purely for the Alex. Any time they played with the tracks was to play with him,

“The quite frankly absurd claim that we bought the tracks for our own entertainment is false. 100 percent false. We build the tracks for Alex. We drive the trains around the tracks, after he goes to bed, to make sure the trains will drive smoothly for him the next day.”

FTN learned Chris and Ami on three occasions last week stayed up Alex went to bed to build elaborate track set-ups, to ‘surprise’ the toddler in the morning.

We caught up with Alex and asked him who he thought they bought the train for, him…or mommy and daddy.

“Mommy and daddy,” Alex told us as he played with the trains.

We will continue to follow this investigation and bring you more updates as we receive them.

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