Three-year-old considers releasing his own album after being introduced to a guitar

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Parents say a Vigo County toddler will weigh his options before he considers launching a new toddler friendly album.

That is as three-year-old Alex Essex was introduced to a guitar on Tuesday evening.

Alex’s mom, Ami, was reportedly cleaning out the closet when she came across an old acoustic guitar.

“Years ago I had this dream of playing guitar…so I think I learned one Third Eye Blind song and kind of gave up on it,” Ami said.

Alex’s dad, Chris, told us he had the idea to introduce Alex to the guitar.

“He’s seen videos of people playing it, but he’s never been really introduced to it. So when he got it into his hands, he was pretty excited. He started strumming and singing right away,” Chris said.

Alex sang his ABCs, one line of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse over and over, You Are My Sunshine, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Parents say he clapped for himself after each song.

“We have started talking about a toddler centric album. I mean, other three-year-old aren’t going to know he has no idea what he’s doing,” Chris said.

Alex at one point threw a Duplo inside the guitar, forcing parents to fish it out.

They say while he just starting out, they plan to encourage him to keep at it.

“He’s always been drawn to music. Live bands, music videos, he makes up his own songs…so teaching him how to play an instrument just felt like the natural next step,” Ami said.

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