Mom accused of putting too much ‘product’ in toddler’s hair as parents disagree over hairstyle

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local mom is accused of putting too much hair gel in her toddler’s hair, to try and give him a cute hairstyle,

Alex Essex’s dad, Chris, told Fake Toddler News it happened over the weekend.

He said Alex’s mom, Ami, put gel in the toddlers hair to give him a Mohawk…but couldn’t get it the way she liked, so she kept adding gel.

“We went way past the point of no return. You know…the go and take a shower or bath, and start over point. I hit that point a lot in high school…except I just let it stay,” Chris said.

Ami has denied these reports.

“He said that? Point of no return. False. He is making that up. Fake news,” Ami said.

Alex recently received what parents are calling ‘a really great haircut’ and now they want to give him cute styles.

Witnesses say the arguments may have started over the preference in style.

“I don’t like the Mohawk,” Chris said. “I’m all about that flipped up in the front look. Kind of the unnaturally…naturally messy.”

Ami prefers the Mohawk.

“It is by far the cutest look,” Ami told us.

For now, they have using both styles.

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