Dad forced to hold back laughter as toddler places stuffed Mickey in timeout for hitting

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute toddler is accused of placing a stuffed Mickey Mouse in time-out for hitting his dad.

It happened during a Friday morning temper tantrum in southern Vigo County.

Parents say three-year-old Alex Essex had a temper tantrum that ended with him hitting his father, 36-year-old Chris Essex.

Chris said he tried to talk to his toddler about hitting, and telling him it was bad, when the toddler tried to convince his father Mickey did the hitting.

“He had a big hitting problem, it has gotten better, but you know…he’s three, what are you going to do?” Chris said.

As Chris went to put Alex in time-out, Alex took a stuffed Mickey to the time-out chair, telling the toy it was bad.

“Bad Mickey, you don’t hit daddy bad Mickey,” Alex said to the toy.

Chris told us he held back laughter, because he was in punishment mode…but could not resist when he was talking to us.

“Yeah, I was equal parts mad and cracking up. I think that’s the challenge of being a parent…the true challenge. Setting the right path for your child…without laughing because their being bad is sometimes kind of funny,” Chris said.

Chris said Alex was sentenced to five minutes of time-out, but received three for good behavior and saying he was sorry for hitting.

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