Battery powered moon saves the night during power outage

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A battery powered night light style moon saved the night during a power outage in southern Vigo County early Thursday morning.

After a round of storms, about 1,000 customers in the southern portion of the county were left in the dark.

The outage led to three-year-old Alex Essex waking up.

“I think it was when his fan turned off, he sleeps with a fan…so when that went, he was up,” Alex’s mom, Ami said.

Alex went to his parents bed for a few minutes while his dad, Chris, and Ami tried to figure out how they were going to do this.

“At first, I was thinking I would put a charged iPad in his room, with Safari on a white page, and making it so it wouldn’t go to sleep. That would have worked, but Ami came up with the best idea,” Chris said.

About a year ago, the parents bought a battery powered moon for Alex’s wall.

“It’s really cool. It does phases. I’m a space nerd…so yeah, we got it,” Chris said. “We turn it on for a nightlight every night before bed, and it turns off by itself after like 30 minutes I think.”

Ami had the eureka moment while the family was laying in bed.

“The moon! I said it probably too loud. I was really excited. I knew that would work,” Ami said.

After the parents laid him back down, with the moon on, the toddler was able to go back to sleep in his room.

“He had one outburst, demanding his fan be turned on. Once we explained to him what happened, he seemed to understand, he was okay with it,” Chris said.

The power was restored about an hour after Alex went back to sleep.

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