Dad accidentally mentions the pool during stormy forecast

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad was in the hot seat after he said he said the word pool in front of his three-year-old.

It happened on Wednesday morning in the southern part of Vigo County.

36-year-old Chris Essex admitted to FTN that he accidentally said the ‘P-Word’ in front of three-year-old Alex.

“Yeah…I messed up. When Ami and I talk about it, it is always the P word. You never say pool or swim in front of Alex, unless you are ready to walk out the door,” Chris said.

Chris said Alex went as far as putting his floating swimming vest on over his pajamas.

“He didn’t do it right, but yeah, he was ready,” Chris said.

He told us he wouldn’t be able to take him right now anyway, because he is recovering from a foot injury.

“I’m wearing a splint, so I can’t even get my foot wet,” Chris told us. “I don’t even remember why I mentioned the pool…but as soon as I did I knew I would regret it.”

Chris told us Alex didn’t get upset or even angry…just disappointed.

“Yeah, that made me feel bad. My foot should heal soon, and when it does, we will go all the time,” Chris said.

The weather forecast does not look good for the next week, with a good amount of rain and storms in the forecast, blocking Alex from the pool as well.

We wanted to ask Alex about the pool, but Chris blocked Alex from interviews to avoid brining up the pool in front of him.

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