VIDEO: Mom revenge dangles toddler over splash table, soaking his hair

PARIS, Ill. (FTN) – A Terre Haute mom is accused of dangling his three-year-old son over his water table as an act of revenge.

It happened on Friday, when 30-year-Ami Essex and her husband Chris visited Ami’s mother in Paris, Illinois.

Three-year-old Alex was reportedly splashing his mom and grandmother with water from the splash table.

Chris says he witnessed it all.

“He wanted it filled up…and because everyone knows you get spoiled at your mamaw’s house…she filled it up for him,” Chris said.

Ami took the splashes as a challenge…at one point, filling a cup of water and ambushing Alex with it.

“He had that coming,” Chris said. “Honestly I kind of laughed. Earlier in the day, he was throwing popcorn and being a jerk wad in my truck.”

After Alex kept splashing, Ami dangled him over his water table…dipping his head in the table.

“It was fun! He was laughing. I think he enjoyed it..I felt like I got out what I needed to get out too,” Ami said.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

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