Super concerned toddler worried about cat on top of the fridge

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local three-year-old is expressing concern after he witnessed his cat jump on top of the fridge to sleep.

Alex Essex’s mom Ami told Fake Toddler News the little boy has been on a big ‘be careful’ kick, telling anything or anybody he sees up high to be careful.

“It is really sweet. His little voice telling everything from me…or one of his toys to ‘be careful up there,'” Ami said.

Parents say Jack, the family’s nine-year-old orange cat, has always like to sleep on top of the fridge…but when Alex became a toddler, it became Jack’s favorite hiding place.

“It is kind of his safe place. When Alex gets wild…Jack goes into hiding,” Alex’s dad, Chris said.

On Sunday, Jack climbed onto the fridge, making Alex very update.

“You be careful up there Jack. Don’t fall Jack,” Alex said, almost in tears. “OH NO!” He continued.

Jack has never fallen from the top of the fridge.

“I think him saying be careful comes from all of the times we’ve said to him. On the playground, standing on the table…you know, places he could fall,” Ami said.

Both parents say they think his warning the cat is adorable.

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