Toddler dives for the bushes after getting in fight with Jeep

PARIS,Ill. (FTN) – A Terre Haute toddler was accused of starting a fight with a remote control/drive-able Jeep.

It happened on Sunday when three-year-old Alex Essex visited his grandmother in Paris, Illinois.

The Jeep is a Power Wheels style vehicle that can either be controlled by the child in the driver’s seat, or by a parent with a remote control.

According to parents, toddler was riding on the Jeep’s hood, while his dad, Chris, controlled the vehicle with the remote control. While Alex was on the hood, he reportedly slipped off.

Alex was uninjured in the incident.

A short time later, Alex was accused of tipping the Jeep over, trying to pick a fight.

Parents flipped it back onto its wheels, and used it to chase Alex.

“Jeep get you. Jeep coming to get you,” Alex told us.

That is when Alex ran and hid in a row of flowers to hide from the Jeep.

“I mean, it was kind of funny. He was laughing…he was having fun with it,” Chris said.

Alex and the vehicle reportedly quickly made up, with him ultimately driving it around the neighborhood a short time later.

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