Infinity War? Toddler accused of months long trolling of his dad with a coffee cup

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad has accused his three-year-old son of trolling him when it comes to a famous Marvel character on his coffee cup.

Chris Essex told us he rotates back and fourth each day, alternating between a Ghostbusters logo coffee cup and an Iron Man coffee cup.

“Alex loves both cups. He knows both the Ghostbusters logo along with who Iron Man is…he is surprisingly very knowledgeable with his Marvel characters,” Chris said.

In fact, Chris tells us Alex can identify Captain American, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, and Hawkeye.

“A couple of months ago, first thing I would do, when Alex was sitting at the table, I would hold up my Iron Man cup and say ‘Pop quiz…who is this?’ He started answering Spider-Man,” Chris told us.

He says he thinks it was an honest mix-up at first. But after time went on, he thinks trolling became an issue.

“Look, I can’t prove it,” Chris said. “But I ask him, and he will still say Spider-Man…but get this big smile when he does it…like, I got you real good.”

Chris told us he has tried the ‘pop quiz’ with other cups, and Alex still answers Spider-Man, before he even looks up.

“I will hold up a coffee cup with nothing on it, or a Mickey cup…Alex will say Spider-Man without even looking. That’s why I think I am being trolled,” Chris said.

Alex for his part pretends he has no idea what we are talking about.

“Where did the light go? Where’s the light?” Alex asked, pointing at a toy excavator as we asked him about the alleged trolling. He went on to make back up beeping noises with his construction toys….attempting to roll one through barbecue sauce.

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