Dad issues state of emergency after toddler’s play room declared disaster area

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County dad has issued a state of emergency after parents report a Category Three toddler blew threw a playroom.

It happened Monday night in three-year-old Alex Essex’s playroom.

Our sources tell FTN that Alex’s mom, Ami, knew about the disaster before bedtime, but shut the door on the playroom, leaving it for Chris to deal with in the morning.

We reached out to Ami for a comment, but she has not returned our text.

Chris said he isn’t mad, and admits he has done the same thing.

“Truth is, Alex may have made it worse when I was making him breakfast. Who knows, but I’ve for sure shut the door on the playroom making it a future Chris, or Ami problem,” Chris admits.

When our crew arrived, they reported seeing roads torn apart, a crashed airplane toy, a barn on top of a Hot Wheels table, and a Thomas the Tank Engine elevate on a suspended roadway.

The family’s cat, Jack launched an investigation. His results are not clear at this time.

Chris said he was afraid to ask Alex about the mess, because Alex was quietly reading a book, and he didn’t want to distract him.

The disaster declaration is not expected to do much at this time, as parents only say they will get to it at ‘some point’ on Tuesday.

“Look, there’s no food in there…no ‘disgusting’ messes…so it will not be a priority,” Chris said. “Right now, we are looking at priority areas…like dishes and laundry.”

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