Toddler caught using calamine lotion spray to fix broken toy

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local toddler was caught on camera using calamine lotion spray to try and fix a broken toy.

It happened last week in a southern Vigo County home.

Parents say the arm on three-year-old Alex Essex’s toy dinosaur started to come off. The dinosaur is a rubbery T-Rex.

“It was a spray on calamine lotion, like a mist kind of. We had it out because he was kind of itchy after a walk, he may have rubbed up against something…or it could have been a bug bite. Either way, I forgot to take it out of his playroom,” Alex’s mom, Ami said.

When Alex noticed the Dino had a broken arm, he was under the impression that the calamine would fix it’s arm, just like it worked on his.

“ Dino have broken, ouchie bouchie, go to the hospital” Alex told us.

The cap was on the spray, not actually allowing the toddler to get any on the toy, but Alex seemed satisfied with his handiwork.

“I let him have that one. I told him the Dino needed some time to heal…and then later that night, when he was sleeping, I used glue on it. Good as new-ish,” Ami said.

When Alex received the Dino again, his dad, Chris said he immediately tried to make it clap its hands together.

“Of course T-Rex’s have really small arms…so they couldn’t actually touch, but he tried! It was too cute,” Chris said.

So far parents report the glue is holding up.

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