(Half of) One and done, toddler not fooled by ‘Bean Boozled’ jelly beans – see the video here

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Parents say a Vigo County toddler would not fall for eating a nasty ‘Bean Boozled’ jelly bean.

The attempt happened on Saturday evening after three-year-old Alex Essex ate a dinner of chicken strips, grapes, and apples.

Parents Chris and Ami bought the jelly beans earlier Saturday at the store Five Below.

Chris said the original plan was to give Alex a couple of good tasting jelly beans before slipping one of the gross flavors in.

“So, when we started…we noticed each color had two different flavors. So you didn’t know which one you were eating,” Chris said.

The color that Ami picked could have either been Strawberry-Banana Smoothie or Dead Fish.

“He went for it, took one bite, and it came right back out. He was feeding it to the dog,” Ami said.

Alex reportedly either fed them to the dog, or tried to put the beans back into the container.

Chris and Ami said they were disappointed, but they plan to try again soon.

“I wish he would have eaten a couple of more. Ami tried to trick him with a brown one…saying it could have been chocolate. It could have also been canned dog food. He didn’t go for it” Chris said.

There’s no word on when parents plan to give it another go.

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