Parents claim to have photo of sleeping toddler…but some question if it is real

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of local parents say they have captured a rare photo of their three-year-old sleeping.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex said they took the photo of Alex sleeping last week, but have been afraid to come forward, because of fears it would be called a fake.

They said it happened after they finished reading the Alex before bedtime.

“We were in our room reading books, all three of us laying in bed, when we got done we sang a couple of songs…and boom, he was out,” Chris said.

They say he rarely falls asleep anywhere that is not his bed.

“He can be wiped out from a long day, with a half an hour drive in the car, and we still won’t fall asleep on the way home,” Ami told us.

Alex told us he likes to sleep in mommy and daddy’s room, even though parents say it happens so rarely.

“Sleep in mommy and daddy’s room? Read books and go night night!” Alex said.

Other parents we spoke with say capturing a photo of a sleeping toddler is so rare, they aren’t sure it is real…thinking it may have been staged.

“Why would I fake this?” Chris asked. “I have nothing to gain from making this up.”

FTN has learned, however, Chris is trying to sell the story of an actual peaceful moment with a toddler to movie producers.

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