Dad issues public apology after he was busted putting needed medicine in his toddler’s sippy cup

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad says he’s sorry after he was busted trying to give his toddler medicine by slipping it in his drink.

It happened on Monday when dad, Chris Essex tried to sneak caught medicine in three-year-old Alex’s sippy cup.

“It has worked before…but the problem here is it is adult style cough medicine, and that doesn’t taste good,” Chris said.

When Alex started picking up a cough last week, his parents took him to the doctor.

“His doctor wrote us a prescription for cough medicine. The pharmacy gave adult style Robitussin…telling us to give him a much smaller amount,” Alex’s mom, Ami said.

Giving him the medicine has been a fight both parents told us, saying it usually involves having to hold him down.

“So I thought, I will slip it in his drink. He uh…he didn’t like that,” Chris said.

Alex reportedly took a drink of his spiked Crystal Light, made a disgusted face. That is when he allegedly threw the sippy cup across the room, got up from the table and threw it again.

“I didn’t know how to react at first, surer, he was being bad by throwing it…but I also tried to deceive him with it. I told him now, but passed on the timeout,” Chris said. “I made him a new drink and apologized for trying to trick him.”

Chris said he is concerned about a loss of trust, but thinks Alex will be able to move past this.

“We were playing and just fine a few minutes later…but I thought I had really messed up for a second there,” Chris told us.

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