The star of ‘Dr. Alex’ sits down with FTN for an exclusive interview

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – When we sat down with the star of the upcoming film, Dr. Alex, he was sitting at his dining room table looking at the pictures of classic novel, The Little Engine That Could, while eating grilled cheese and tater tots.

That star is three-year-old Alex Essex.

Dr. Alex is currently in the trailer only phase, and producers say they aren’t sure if the movie will be released…but they hope they hope the trailer can pick up some buzz.

The movie (trailer) involves a prodigy toddler pet vet as he works to take care of animals.

His parents describe him as ‘difficult’ at times, filling the stereotype of diva actors that are often much more famous.

“He will demand chicken nuggets…you get him nuggets…he wants grilled cheese…get the grilled cheese and he wants the nuggets again. He went through a biting phase when he got mad,” Alex’s dad, Chris told us.

His parents even included a nickname for when he makes demands. ‘Bossy Noodle.’

When Alex travels, he has a driver.

That is why we wanted to talk to talk to the toddler, to get his side, and to talk about his upcoming movie.

It was shot at the Terre Haute Children’s Museum.

Here is a transcript of our question and answer with Alex Essex.


Me: Alex, thank you for sitting down with us. Everyone is really excited for your new movie, Dr. Alex. What was it like to be on the set?

Alex: Sounds…where did the doggie and the museum go?

Me: If you had to chose one, what would it be? A dog or a kitty?

Alex: Kitty. Kitty go poop?

Me: If you were to walk into the kitchen and tip over a bowl of your pet’s food, which would it be? Dog food or cat food?

Alex: Cat food.

Me: It seems like you are a fan of cat’s. What would your cat name be?

Alex: (Makes a growl noise…and then meows)

Me: How about your dog name?

Alex: Soar Door

Me: What is your favorite movie with a dog or cat in it?

Alex: Oh God. Cars in there. (We think we was referring to the Cars movie)

Me: When you were on the set of Dr. Alex, what was your inspiration?

Alex: Choo Choo (he jumps up to grab a train toy to show me, before sitting back down)

Me: Do you have any other projects planned for the museum?

Alex: Scared of museum sounds. Choo Choo in there.

Me: Can you share any other plot details with us?

Alex: Details go bye bye (as he gets up and starts ignoring me)


When Alex stormed off during the interview, he started demanding Curious George and gummy snacks.

His told told he would deny both requests, because it was nap time.

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