Cat makes rare daytime appearance while toddler at his grandmother’s

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A family house cat was able to make a rare daytime appearance while the toddler was out of town.

On Sunday, Chris and Ami Essex’s cat Jack made his bi-monthly day time appearance on the back of the couch, even sleeping on the floor near the window.

Chris said three-year-old Alex was at his grandmother’s house.

Every other week, he stays the night with his grandmother in Paris, Illinois.

“So once every two weeks, the pets kind of get a free roam of the place…all of the doors are open,” Chris said.

Chris said Jack usually hangs out on top of the fridge during day time hours, with the family even setting up a bed for him up there.

“Alex isn’t mean to Jack…he is just really…playful. Jack is 12. He’s no kitten, and a high energy three-year-old can be a lot,” Chris told us.

When we asked Alex about Jack sleeping on the couch, he ran to find the cat while yelling ‘Jack-A-Roni!’

“Jack will come out after Alex goes to bed…he loves to lay on our back or stomachs,” Chris said.

Alex came home around 4:00 Sunday afternoon…and Jack went back to the fridge top right away.

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