Toddler busted going on toy run during nap time

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local toddler was busted going on a toy run when his parents said he should have been napping.

It happened Tuesday afternoon during three-year-old Alex Essex’s nap.

Alex’s dad, Chris, said he caught the toddler in the act using a his baby monitor camera.

“He always wakes up with toys in bed with him…so we set the camera back up so we could watch,” Chris said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Alex wasn’t sleeping, so Chris said he started watching the camera feed.

“I watched him bolt out of bed…grab a toy…and run back in a couple of times. He thought he was being sneaky,” Chris told us.

We caught up with Alex working on a coloring book at the family’s table.

“Put the book away,” Alex told us when we questioned him about the incident.

He told us he wanted to go to bed, but then went on to say “have toys.”

Chris told us he would continue to monitor the toddler during naps and bed time.

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