‘It is full bribery mode…’ Local parents mentally prepare for toddler haircut day

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – It is haircut day for a Vigo County toddler.

That is as two Terre Haute parents have been putting it off for a few weeks, claiming it would be “a lot of work.”

On Sunday, Chris and Ami Essex determined their toddler, three-year-old Alex’s hair crossed the line from being cute but long….to homeless.

“I think the long hair can be cute on a kid…but it is getting way too long,” Ami said.

We asked Alex what he thought about his hair.

“Hit the haircut,” Alex said.

Chris said they have a plan in place when taking him in for a cut.

“Scissors first. The razor scares him, also, YouTube…maybe a pack of gummies. It is full bribery mood,” Chris said.

The parent say his first haircut was the best, with his behavior being surprisingly good.

Alex’s first haircut at Walt Disney World

“He was one and it was at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Which sounds good in theory…but it was the day we arrived….so we had been on a plane all morning, Alex was so grumpy, until we got him in that haircut chair…and he was awesome,” Chris said.

As for Sunday’s haircut, parents are hoping for the best.

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