SOLVED: During walk, dad discoverers what the Trin Jin Note is

TERRE HAUTE, Ind, (FTN) – A local dad says he has solved the mystery of the Trin Jin Note.

Fake Toddler News first brought you this story last month.

Three-year-old Alex Essex’s parents told FTN that any time the family would drive into their neighborhood, the toddler would say ‘Trin Jin Note.’

The sign Chris and Ami Essex thought was the Trin Jin Note.

“It made no sense,” Alex’s dad, Chris said. “At first we just thought it was the mad ramblings of a toddler.”


Both parents came to the conclusion that it was likely a sign.

“I thought he was talking about a treasure map or something…but I thought it was the sign for rental stuff,” Ami said.

On Saturday morning, Chris decided to go for a walk with Alex.

“We went to the neighborhood’s entrench…I was fully expecting him to go for the sign…but it was a tree. An oversized tree,” Chris said.

The tree is right next to the sign.

Chris shot video of the interaction, where Alex appeared to point to the tree.

“I even guided him to the sign, but he didn’t notice it,” Chris said.

Both Chris and Ami still have no idea what the phrase ‘Trin Jin Note’ actually means.

The Trin Jin Note

“No idea where the phrase came from, we have never used those words. He knows what trees are…and he’s loves gin…kidding…but seriously, no idea,” Chris told us.

2 thoughts on “SOLVED: During walk, dad discoverers what the Trin Jin Note is

    1. I teased my wife with his for an hour. She was working when Alex and I went on the walk…I texted her that I knew and she was demanding I tell her. Haha. I told her she could read it on Fake Toddler News.

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