‘I’m not sure where we went wrong…’ parents baffled as toddler hates ice cream

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of local parents say they don’t know where they went wrong as their toddler continues to shun ice cream.

Three-year-old Alex Essex’s parents, Chris and Ami say he has never enjoyed the frozen treat.

“He sucks on lemons…like, he wants to suck on lemons. Ice cream? Nope,” Chris said.

It all came to a head on Sunday afternoon when the family went to Dairy Queen.

“I got a Snickers blizzard and Chris got a Reece’s cup blizzard. We also got Alex some chicken tenders…we were about to go shopping, and shopping with a hungry toddler is the worst,” Ami told us.

Both repeatedly tried to give Alex a bite of their Blizzard, without luck.

“I just snuck him a bite when he was distracted.I thought he would like it if he just gave to a try…I was wrong,” Ami said.

The duo said Alex first made a face that someone would make after eating something bitter…and then got mad.

“He started yelling ‘I don’t like it…I don’t like it’ over and over,” Chris said. “I’m not sure where we went wrong, What kid doesn’t like ice cream?”

For now, Chris and Ami told us they will avoid giving him the frozen treat unless he starts asking for it.

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