Mom has language relapse after one night of gaming

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – The ‘oh darns’ and ‘oh my gosh’ style of language was replaced with a bit of vulgar as a local mom has a relapse in front of her toddler.

The relapse happened on Sunday as the family was leaving Meijer on Terre Haute’s east side.

According to Ami Essex’s husband Chris, she called him a ‘douchebag’ in front of their three-year-old son Alex.

Alex spent Saturday night with Ami’s mom, leaving Ami and Chris the night to play a new video game.

Ami has historically had a potty mouth while playing video games, but has stayed mostly away from gaming since her son was born.

That all changed on Saturday when the pair were playing Division 2 together.

“I get into the game….like….really into the game,” Ami told us. “I use language I for sure would not use in front of my kid. With him at my mom’s, I just kind of let it fly Saturday.”

Ami said she hasn’t had a slip-up since Alex was an infant.

“I’m usually really good about it. Chris and I both are…I don’t know what happened,” Ami said.

Ami said she hopes it was just a one time slip-up, and not a new trend.

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