Dad says he feels like he breaking the law when he spikes his toddler’s drink

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad said he feels like he is doing something illegal when he puts medicine in his toddler’s drink.

36-year-old Chris Essex said his son Alex, 3, is dealing with his molar teeth coming in, giving him some apparent pain.

“A lot of drool, he is telling us his teeth hurt. I feel really bad for him,” Chris told us.

Chris told us that sometimes, giving medicine to a three-year-old can be a challenge, so he started putting it in his toddler’s drink.

“It is just easier..but I feel like I am breaking the law or something…like, should I be doing this?” Chris said.

Chris says the medicine is simple children’s pain reliever.

He is not alone, 63 percent of parents in our made-up poll said they feel the same way. But when we asked Chris if he would stop…

“Heck no. No. No. It is so much easier to give him medicine that way.”

We reached out to Alex for a comment, but all he told us was “eggs” and rolled a fire truck at us.

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