Gaming through ketchup? Dad says whatever to tv mess while kid is at grandma’s

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County dad said he didn’t mind the ketchup splotches his toddler left on the tv while he played video games.

On Saturday, Chris Essex and his wife Ami dropped their three-year-old son Alex off ay his grandmother’s house in Paris, Illinois.

When the couple got home, they planned on spending the evening playing the new PlayStation 4 game, The Division 2.

After about an hour of playing, Chris said he noticed one ketchup splotch on the family’s living room tv.

“I did not even notice it at first,” Chris told us. “When I did notice it, I honestly thought it was a blood mark on the screen, from where I took damage to something.”

Chris said Alex threw a plate with ketchup during a temper tantrum earlier in the day, and they found ketchup in various places…not noticing the tv.

“It didn’t bug me…not even a little bit. I get so little time to not worry about anything…I just thought whatever, I’ll let it go,” Chris said.

A couple of hours later, after playing Division on a different tv, Ami walked into the living room and noticed the ketchup.

“There were I think seven ketchup splatters on the tv. He said he only noticed one,” Ami said.

She told FTN she was mildly disgusted with Chris, and forced him to clean up the mess before they continued.

“It was fine. It didn’t get in my way…not sure what the fuss was about. It took like five minutes to properly clean it up. Five minutes of toddler-free gaming time I won’t get back,” Chris said.

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