The mystery of the ‘Trin Gin Note’

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of Terre Haute parents are working to figure out a mystery spear headed by their three-year-old son.

It started a few weeks ago when Alex Essex started saying “Trin Gin Note” every time the family would driver into their neighborhood.

“I didn’t think too much about it at first,” Alex’s mom, Ami said.

After it happened several times, Ami started paying more attention.

“It happened at the entrance…same place…same house. He sees something, but I have no idea what he’s looking at,” Ami told us.

She said when they drive by the area…he says ‘Trin Gin all all done,’

“We did laps one day trying to see what it could have been,” father, Chris Essex said. “We couldn’t figure it out.”

So far, attempts to ask Alex what the phrase means have not had any success.

“Trin Gin note is outside,” Alex said when we asked him.

For now, the family says they will continue to try and solve the mystery.

If you have any information on what a Trin Gin Note may be, comment below.

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