Toddler’s list of bedtime demands leaked

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute toddler’s list of bedtime demands have been leaked, and some are calling the items shocking.

The list belongs to three-year-old Alex Essex.

According to the leaked list, those items include two adult sized comforters, one toddler sized Lightning McQueen super soft blanket, a plus Lightning McQueen toy, a plus Thomas the Tank Engine toy, a plus Mike Wazowski toy, two adult sized pillows, and a demand for a plus Mickey Mouse toy, that he later demands be removed.

The list was released over the weekend.

We asked Alex’s mom, Ami, about the list. She confirmed to FTN that the list was accurate.

“I would also add he demands two bedtime songs. The I love You song from the show Barney, and the Alphabet song…you know, the ABCs,” Ami said.

The list has remained fairly consistent over the last year Chris Essex, Alex’s dad said.

“The plush toys have changed…but the blankets…yeah…he had always wanted the blankets,” Chris said.

Chris added the blankets are very specific.

“There’s ‘black and white blankee’ and ‘blue blankee,'” Chris said.

We called Alex for a comment.

“Hello…Ozzy Gator go bye bye in daddy’s truck. Okay bye,” Alex told us on the phone.

Alex sometimes calls himself Ozzy Gator.

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