Toddler fails to take normal selfie the entire time he was two

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Three-year-old Alex Essex finally caught on camera smiling for a selfie.

It happened on this third birthday, that the family celebrates on February 28th when it is an off Leap Year.

His family says this is a big deal because he didn’t smile for a selfie the entire time he was two.

“Happy, happy, happy….mad. As soon as the phone came out for a selfie with Ami or me,” Alex’s dad, Chris said.

His parents wonder if Alex may be trolling them.

“He does the most off the wall things. One time he gave me a wet willie during a selfie…what the hell?” Chris said.

Chris and his wife Ami say they are happy he finally smiled during a selfie pose. So happy in face…Chris couldn’t stop snapping photos of the moment.

“I had to have taken at least 10 selfies during the pose. He was being so cute,” Chris told us.

FTN obtained a snapshot of Chris’ camera roll. It was 20.

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