Frustrated dad considers giving his son coffee creamer instead of milk

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A frustrated Vigo County dad admits he considered giving his two-year-old coffee creamer instead of milk, just to see his reaction.

The confession came early Wednesday morning.

36-year-old Chris Essex said his son, Alex, just got done hitting and throwing a toy at him when he had the idea.

“Would I have actually done? No. But only because coffee creamer is a hot item around here,” Chris said.

Alex is a big fan of milk, usually drinking a sippy cup or two per day,

“It would have been to see his reaction after he went through a couple of…hard to deal with moments,” Chris said.

In the end, Chris said he decided against it, avoiding possible disaster with his wife, Ami.

“She would have been really angry…more so because I used the creamer on a prank,” Chris said.

He told us he is not ruling it out as a prank he could play on his wife or child in the future.

Editor’s note: I did not actually consider giving Alex creamer instead of milk. I did however look in the fridge and think about how funny of a prank that would be to play on someone…but no, I would not do that to my two-year-old toddler. Fake news people…fake news.

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