’It is time to re-evaluate my man card,’ Toddler’s construction equipment knowledge surpasses his dad’s

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A Terre Haute dad said he came to a shocking conclusion on Sunday when he learned his toddler has more knowledge of construction equipment then he does.

Chris Essex, 36, said he has thought for a while that two-year-old Alex may know about the equipment.

“It was a couple of weeks ago…I can’t even think of what it’s called to this day…an excavator in the front and bulldozer in the back…I told him it was an Exa-Dozer…he corrected me,” Chris said.

Chris was referring to a backhoe.

On Sunday, while Chris and Alex were watching a video on YouTube, Alex started talking about a ‘front-loader.’

“I had no idea what he was talking about…I kind of just thought it was a funny look looking bulldozer,” Chris said.

Chris told us he is impressed with his son’s knowledge of anything, and doesn’t feel threatened.

“Sure…I am proud of him. But it is time to re-evaluate my man-card,” Chris told us.

He said amongst his wife and toddler, he ranks at the bottom for having any of the stereotypical manly traits.

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