Dad quietly annoyed when son’s loud playing forces him to miss some story elements of Pixar’s Cars

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County dad said he was secretly annoyed when his toddler was playing too loudly, while he was trying to watch a Pixar movie.

According to 30-year-old Chris Essex, he bought the movie ‘Cars’ for his son, Alex, on iTunes Saturday morning.

“I’ve watched the third one tons of time, since it is on Netflix. But I’ve never seen the first one. Alex was really into it at first…glued to it. I was watching it with him,” Chris said.

Chris said the Alex started to passively watch the movie about a quarter of the way through.

“I was glued to it,” Chris said. “I was really getting into the story.”

The quiet annoyance began when Alex started playing loudly with other toys.

“I mean, I couldn’t hear the story. It looked like there was a touching scene with Lightning and the lawyer car. I don’t even know why. Something about the interstate?” Chris said.

Chris made it clear with our crews he did not express the annoyance with his toddler, adding he knows it isn’t his fault.

“He was just playing. He was having fun. Of course I wasn’t really upset. But dang it…I wanted to watch Cars,” Chris told us.

It’s unclear if Chris has plans to rewatch it on his own later, since he was spotted eyeing The Incredibles 2 on Netflix,

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