“She literally screamed.” Local mom gets overly excited after finding unused Play-Doh

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute mom admits she got way too excited over a buried, unused container of Play-Doh.

It happened on Thursday morning.

Ami Essex, 30, said the family stores their Play-Doh and the different toys associated with it in a crafting type crate.

“It was blue. I’ll never forget that moment,” Ami said.

She said the family has not bought any new Play-Doh in some time, and this one went unnoticed.

“It was one of the smaller containers, you know…that come with the sets. It may have gone to the bottom of the container and was forgotten about,” Ami told us.

It was her reaction, however, that has some speaking out.

“She literally screamed,” her husband, Chris said. “I was making fake poop and airplanes for Alex, and she just screams. It scared both of us at first.”

Ami admits she may have overreacted a little bit.

“A scream was a little bit much, I admit…but it was so exciting…when was the last time

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