Poop scare turns out to be Play-Doh

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute mom is recovering after a dry chunk of brown Play-Doh gave her a scare.

It happened on Saturday to 30-year-old Ami Essex.

That is when she found an old piece of dried, brown Play-Doh near a pile of toys close to the family’s kitchen table.

“I thought it was poop. Alex’s poop…the cat’s poop. I had no idea. I was freaking out at first,” Ami said.

Alex is her two-year-old son.

They frequently play with Play-Doh at the table, and he can get wild with it she said.

“He will fling it around sometimes. Usually when he is done playing. I get it, or make him get it off the floor…we must have missed this one,” Ami said.

She only learned it wasn’t poop after she gathered a handful of paper towels and carpet cleaner to get the mess cleaned up.

Moving forward, Ami said she will keep a much closer eye on the Play-Doh.

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