Dad says he will freeze family’s bank account until new baby gate approved in mom’s budget

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – The fight to buy an additional baby gate is on at a Vigo County home.

The debate started last week when two-year-old Alex Essex allegedly burst into a bathroom with the intention to throw a toy in the toilet.

Alex’s dad Chris says the additional baby gate is necessary to stop toddler crime before it happens.

“In the last couple of years toddler crime has gone up significantly. If we don’t start doing something to stop undocumented toddlers from going into the hallway, we are going to see more and more issues,” Chris said.

His wife, Ami, argues toddler crime has gone up due to the fact having a toddler is a fairly new addition to their home.

“He is only two, almost three, toddler crime has gone up because we didn’t have a toddler before this,” Ami said. “An additional baby gate is not necessary.”

The family already has one baby gate in use that blocks the kitchen.

“The kitchen gate only works if he is in an honest mood. Alex can remove the gate if he wants…it is just a hard pull and it is down,” Ami said.

Chris told us he is requesting additional funding to buy the new gate, but without Ami’s approval, he is hitting a dead end.

“She says just shut the doors…but he is learning to open doors. That won’t be a long term solution. The gate is needed as the first line of defense,” Chris said.

Hallway security is an issue at the Essex house and Ami says she is not opposed to working on a fix, but she says the barrier is not the solution.

“We could go high tech, maybe a camera with a motion detector….or low tech with something like a door handle device that would keep him from opening the door,” Ami said.

Chris said he is not afraid to freeze the family’s bank account to resolve the issue, but experts say Ami has the bank password, essentially locking Chris out.

“There will be no account freeze…I can assure of you that. The electric bill will be paid…the internet will not be shut off,” Ami said.

For now, the debate is ongoing.

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