Toddler’s ghostly scare turns out to be him with a blanket on

PARIS, Ill. (FTN) – A scary misunderstanding left a Vigo County toddler scared.

It happened on Saturday at two-year-old Alex Essex’s grandmother’s house.

The incident reportedly happened during a sleep-over.

Kristi, Alex’s grandmother, said the toddler was running around with a blanket covering his head.

“He put the blanket over his head and started walking around, so I laughed and said ‘oh no, a ghost!'” Kristi said.

That is when Alex allegedly ripped the blanket off his head and ran to his grandmother scared that there was a ghost.

“He just started saying hide, hide, hide…I didn’t know why at first…but then he said something about a ghost being here,” Kristi told us.

She said it appeared he was scared of himself, not realizing he was the ghost she was talking about.

Alex’s parents say they keep ghost related things away from the toddler….but sometimes it can slip in.

As for Saturday’s incident, Kristi said Alex quickly forgot about the scare, going to his bedroom at her house and dumping a bucket of toys on the floor.

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