Toddler busted playing tug of war with dog…using his mouth

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County toddler was caught on camera playing mouth style tug of war with his yellow lab.

The incident happened on Sunday in southern Vigo County.

According to two-year-old Alex Essex’s parents, he took his pet dog’s squeaky dog bone toy, bit down, and started teasing her.

The dog, eight-year-old lab, Anya, and Alex have been friendly since his birth.

“Alex is always playing with her, teasing her…heck…she teases him, they have fun together. Sometimes that fun involves playing keep away from Anya,” Alex’s dad Chris said.

On Sunday, Alex reportedly bit down on a blue squeaky bone toy…and stuck his face in her face, appearing to challenge her.

Both of Alex’s parents say Anya is very gentle with him.

“They tugged it back and fourth for a minute before Alex took it from his mouth and threw it. He was belly laughing so hard,” his mom, Ami said,

Alex’s parents say germs were not a concern, adding he one time licked a pole on a playground.

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