Mom discovers massive toddler coverup scheme

TERRE HAUTE,Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County mom is speaking out after she said she discovered a toddler cover-up scheme.

Ami Essex contacted FTN after she said she made the shocking discovery.

It happened Friday night at their Terre Haute home.

“It was maybe a half an hour before bed…and he was in the bath. So I started cleaning up Alex’s toys,” Ami told us.

Alex is her two-year-old son.

Ami told us Alex will sometimes exit the bathtub to go grab a toy he wants in the bath.

On Friday, he made it to the living room and dumped an already cleaned up container of Hot Wheels.

“So we finished his bath, and I got him dressed” Ami said.

She said she told Alex to clean up the Hot Wheels he dumped out.

“He told me to clean up, saying ‘mommy clean it’ but I held firm. Telling him to do it himself,” she said.

According to Ami, she took some items to his bedroom.

“Soon after I went to his room, he told me his toys were cleaned up, I was really proud of him for listening and cleaning,” Ami told us.

She discovered the coverup soon after entering the living room.

“He threw a blanket over his cars, and called it clean. He thought he had cleaned them up and I wouldn’t notice them,” Ami told us.

Ami said she wasn’t sure how long things like this have been happening, adding Alex really loves comforters.

While Ami May have fallen victim to her son’s alleged coverup, she hopes her warning will help make other parents aware.

“He could be hiding things in his bed, and you don’t even know it. Blankets are necessary…but you have to be careful,” Ami said.

Ami told us she left the toys under the blanket for the night, saying he would just dump them out again in the morning.

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