”I’m going to have a hard time sleeping…”Parents on edge after their toddler chooses to sit in his time out chair for no reason

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of Terre Haute parents say they are silently worried after their two-year-old son sat in his designated time out chair, without being told to.

It happened Tuesday morning.

At around 10:00, two-year-old Alex Essex’s mom Ami walked into the family’s dining room and found him sitting in the chair and facing the corner.

“We have a chair we just keep facing the wall, it is for quick time out access,” Ami said. “When I walked in there earlier, he was just sitting there…facing the wall. I asked him what he was doing, and he just smiled”

Alex’s father Chris said the smile made both him and Ami feel uneasy.

“He knows what the time out chair is all about…he usually hates it and avoids it,” Chris said.

That is when the couple went into panic mode, trying to figure out what their son may have done to place himself there.

“We’ve looked…we’ve asked him…he had to sit there for a reason. We can’t figure it out,” a frantic Ami told us.

They speculate it could be something he broke they haven’t found yet or hid something valuable.

“Really…if you ask me…I don’t know. It could be anything. I am going to have a hard time sleeping until we figure it out,” Chris said.

Without proof, they say there isn’t a whole lot they can do…and even then, they say he has already served the time for an unknown crime.

“Maybe he’s just trolling us…I hope he’s just trolling us,” Chris told us.

If you have any information

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