Dad under fire for saying his wife’s name in front of their toddler

TERRE HAUTE,Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad is catching flak from his wife for saying her real name in front of their two-year-old.

It happened on Monday at the Honey Creek Mall.

According to an incident report, 35-year-old Chris Essex said his wife, Ami’s name in front of their son Alex.

After that, Alex started calling her ‘Ami.’

“It makes me feel like a step-mom when he says ‘Daddy and Ami,” 30-year-old Ami Essex told us.

She added there is nothing wrong with being a step-mom saying she has one that is great.

In a written statement, Chris apologized. Saying:

“I regret my choice of words. This was a simple slip and I know better. I am sincerely sorry. I will work to be a better father and husband.”

There’s no word yet if Ami has fully forgiven Chris for his choice of words.

Reports indicate Alex is still referring to his mother by her first name.

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