Toddler accused of taking time-out tantrum on Alexa

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute two-year-old is accused of taking out his time out anger on an Echo Dot device.

That’s according to two-year-old Alex Essex’s mother, Ami.

On Friday morning, Alex’s dad Chris noticed the Echo on the floor near its usual spot.

This comes after a time out right before bed on Thursday night.

“We use Alexa to count down his time-outs,” Ami said. “Alexa…set a timer for two minutes. I think he is angry with her.”

There were no witnesses to the incident that left the smart device on the floor.

“When he was younger, we would set the time out…and he would say ‘hit the Alexa’ but never actually did it” Ami said.

She went on to tell us that Alex is her primary suspect.

“I didn’t notice it before bed…Chris did when he woke up…it had to have been the pre bed time out. Maybe when it was over, and I went to get Alex’s bed ready,” Ami said.

Both parents admit it could be their 10-year-old orange cat named Jack, but say it is unlikely.

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