Avenger stunt double busted getting ‘mommed’

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A super hero stunt double was caught on camera getting mommed.

Last week, Chris Evans tweeted about wrapping up his time as Captain America.

Evans has played the all American superhero since 2011.

His little known stunt double two-year-old Alex Essex was caught on set during the final days of filming getting his faced wiped down by his mother.

The final scenes took place on a Terre Haute playground.

Sources on the set say he went face first into wood chips when his mom jumped into action.

“He was eating wood chips. Not on purpose. He started crying earlier and his face got wet, so they were sticking to his face,” the source set.

Essex would perform stunts like slides and looking in all of the drains.

Crews were wrapping up reshoots for the unnamed Infinity Wars sequel.

It is expected to come out next year.

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