Dad worried he will turn into toddler after bite

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad is concerned he may turn into a toddler after being bitten by his two-year-old on Sunday.

The bite happened at Fowler Park in southern Vigo County.

That is where two-year-old Alex Essex was accused of biting his father, Chris Essex’s thumb.

Chris said the bite happened when he and his wife tried to get Alex onto a swing.

“He’s never liked swinging…but we thought it had been a while…let’s try it again,” Chris said.

After a couple of pushes, Alex reportedly got upset.

“I was actually reaching in to stop him when he bit me. He bit me hard,” Chris told us.

After that bite, Chris’ wife Ami became concerned that the bite could turn him into a toddler.

“It’s like a zombie movie. A slow transition. It could start off with pooping his pants…and then all he wants to eat is chicken nuggets,” Ami said.

Doctors say transition into a toddler after a bite is rare…but not impossible.

Some of the symptoms go look out for include:

  • Going limp when you are told no
  • Needing to snack all day
  • Only wanting to eat chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese
  • Crying because you are tired
  • Fatigue – but refusing to go to bed
  • Swiping items off the kitchen table for no reason
  • Having way too much energy for the small amount of time you slept
  • Demanding to watch the same shows over and over
  • Running into the wall for no reason

Doctors say there’s no treatment…and the effects should wear off over time.

In the meantime, Chris does say he’s been craving chicken nuggets…but so far just has a hurting thumb.

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