Dad gets 11 stickers on toddlers back

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad says he was able to put 11 stickers on his son’s back…before the toddler even noticed.

It happened earlier this week inside their home.

Chris Essex said he was able to stick 11 stickers on two-year-old Alex Essex’s back.

“It was a game at first. I would put stickers on his legs and arms. He would notice them right away and peel them off,” Chris said.

That is when dad decided to get sneaky.

“I stuck a couple on his back…but he noticed right away. So I had to be sly. I would pretend like I was patting his back…or just rubbing his back. He didn’t catch on for a while,” Chris told us.

He told us he got caught with a sloppy move.

“We we’re building Duplo towers…I grabbed a sticker and I think he saw me. I stuck it to his back and the jig was up,” Chris said.

Chris told us he’s not sure if he has plans to break his own record in the future.

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