Let It Go: Newer parents deal with old songs stuck in their head

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Disney songs from movies that are a few years old are getting stuck in newer parents heads.

That’s according to a new study.

Research shows songs like Let It Go from Frozen, which came out in 2013 and How Far I’ll Go from Moana are making a resurgence.

That’s as some parents with young children are starting to watch these movies.

Chris Essex is the father of a two year old.

“Love is an Open Door…I can’t stop singing that one,” Essex said.

Essex said his son is really into Frozen, and the songs from that soundtrack are consistently on in the car or at home.

“He started with really liking Olaf…and from there all things Frozen…there are worse things to be stuck in your head…but you get looks when your kid isn’t around and you are singing a five year old Disney song,” Essex said.

Researchers say the problem could only get worse as the child gets older and they are exposed to more Disney movies.

“You’ve got a Friend in Me…that song from Lion King…oh man,” Essex told us with a worried look on his face.

For now, researchers say there is no way to combat the problem and the best answer is to simply embrace it.

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