Investigation underway after beheaded Olaf found in fire truck

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute mother makes a grisly discovery after she finds what many are calling a hate crime against toys. On Thursday, Ami Essex found a beheaded Olaf in the front seat of a Little People fire truck.According to Sheriff Woody, it is being investigated as a hate crime. “Any time we have a toy treated this poorly…we have to take it to the next step,” Woody told us. The Olaf was still talking when Essex found him saying “some people are worth melting for.” The sheriff says they have a suspect but will not identify who that is at this time.A source in the sheriff’s office spoke to FTN anonymously. That source said the suspect is two-year-old Alex Essex. We were unable to confirm that information though. If convicted, the punishment for this kind of crime could include a three hour nap.

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